This is going to be my final post on this blog and it is a bittersweet post. With this being my final post that means that our time here has come to an end. 

Our travels have taken us all over the island and allowed us to see many beautiful sights and meet wonderful people. While that may sound great everyday was not always like that, there were still rainy days and people that were not so thrilled to meet us. There were good days and bad days but I would say the good days most definitely out weighed the bad days. 

The people I have met here and my group members have became a part of my life that I hope to never forget. I have forged many friendships that I hope to keep and maintain as we all grow older and go our separate ways in life. Our group is a mix of ages and for some this is their final class before they join the real world and leave school behind. 

Many of the group members have earned a nickname throughout the trip and each of these names has a special meaning behind each. The names that everyone knows and may here us say to each other but only from the permission of the named person can people hear the story to the name. Each name also represents the personality of the person in some way and will help us all remember this trip even more later on in life. 

One of the unexpected things of this trip is how beautiful the country side is on this island. I never expected to get the views I did as we were traveling through the country side on almost every corner of this island. I will have to say that my personal favorite is the highlands in Scotland and I hope to return there one day and enjoy it some more. However if you come here make sure to take public transportation like the train and busses because they will allow you to fully enjoy the country side and get some spectacular views. 

Another thing to consider if you come here is to stay in the smaller towns and go to the pubs that aren’t in the dead center of town. This will allow you to meet the locals and get a real feel of what the U.K. is like without being surrounded by other tourists. The accents will be a lot stronger away from big touristy areas but you can always ask them to repeat themselves and they are usually ok with it because they like to talk to you and here your own story too. There is also a small language barrier even though we both speak the same language, we speak American and they speak English as some will tell you if you get confused by words that mean or are called different things in each country. 

Overall this is a experience that I will never forget and I encourage as many people as possible to take a trip across the pond and visit our English neighbors. 

Grant (OP4)


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