Ya’ll can just leave me here (0p 4, Ash S)

We are now in our final few days on our tour of England and we have seen so much in such a short period of time. It has a weird quality of seeming like such a short  amount of time  and a long time all at once . I’ve enjoyed myself  majorly, and seriously would like to stay longer.

As a history major, this trip has offered a chance to see and explore sites that I have studied, as well as learn more about things that I’m not as familiar with. It’s also allowed me to see things that I’ve always wanted to see, such as Stonehenge.


I can’t pick a favorite place from those we’ve visited, but my top towns would be Chester, York, Edinburgh  and Bath. I’ve loved taking time to explore these towns, their shops, and little quirky bits of history, such as when a few of us took the Edinburgh  Underground tour. This haunted history tour took us down into the vaults under the south bridge, where shops, both legal and not so legal, once operated.
A not history related event was a visit to the Doctor Who experience  in  Cardiff. As a fan it was and amazing chance to see costumes and props from the longest running sci-fi show, and the interactive part was amusin



One challenging bit of the trip was food. I’m celiac, so I had to find foods that were safe for me to eat. Let me just say, they like to wrap, batter, and bread things here. So finding resturants that had options was key. Nandos  and Bella Italia came to the r




I also found myself trying gluten free foods that we don’t have in the states, such as macaroons, digestives, various bars and snacks. I also found some bakeries that had options, such as a Crum


bs in York.

What am I going to miss? Almost everything. The food I’ve tried and loved, the atmosphere  in the towns, the markets, the history that is truly appreciated by the people here, and some of the things that have happened like the underground tour or the night when a few of us went to a wine cafe and just sat and laughed for over an hour.
Seriously, Ya’ll can just leave me here.


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