Seeing the world one class at a time

I really love traveling and I have been waiting patiently for my next chance to pack a weeks worth of clothes and see the amazing culture of Europe. When I had initially went to Europe I was only fifteen and I could hardly drive let alone enjoy the true culture that was offered. Now six years later I finally am given the opportunity to enjoy many different things such as the different styles of beer, wines, and hopefully fine dining. When we went earlier I was unable to try these things because of my age restriction and the group we went with for school was not okay with indulging in the amazing food that European countries have to offer. We mostly ate at fast food restaurants because of the convenience. I do hope that we will be allowed amply time to see the true nature and culture of Great Britain and Wales area because honestly I am so excited. I wish I would have gone to other abroad programs that Wartburg offers because I am afraid that me being a third year will be unable to see as much as the world as I hoped to by this time. After school I don’t believe I will have the chance to go anymore.


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