Hello Europe OP #1

Hello my name is Carter and I am a third year Biology major at Wartburg. I never considered myself as someone that enjoyed international travel until I went to New Zealand last may term for an ecology course. It was amazing though, I fell in love with traveling and seeing what this world has to offer. I especially enjoyed the culture in New Zealand, which as many people know is connected and similar to the culture in Britain. That course is the main reason I am taking this course this May. I am really looking forward to learning about the rich history that Britain has to offer. I also am really looking forward to trying anything and everything when it comes to cuisine and beverages. I am all for gaining the full experience, and that means “anything goes.” Another reason that I am looking forward to this course is that after it is over, some of my classmates and I are staying after to explore more of Europe. We sort of figured that going to Europe is such an amazing opportunity and is unlikely that we will find time in our lives to go back so why not stay over there for a while longer and explore. Anyways, I am really excited for this course and cannot wait to see what Europe has to offer!


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