Official Post #1: Hello!

Hello everyone!

My name is Lindsay and I am a 3rd year music education major here at Wartburg. I am from Bondurant, Iowa and have lived there for quite a while. I am taking this course because I heard about it from a friend of mine who went on the trip a couple of years ago. He told me all about the trip and how much fun it was. I was immediately interested because I have always wanted to travel outside of the United States. Granted, I have been to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic but traveling to England has been on my bucket list for years (it’s actually right under skydiving, which I already crossed off my list). What I want out of the class is the experience to travel to a place I have always dreamed about visiting. I also can’t wait to travel around different historical sites: castles, cathedrals, the Stonehenge, and some museums on some of our free days. I also look forward to the experience of staying in hostels. I have had plenty of home stays but I’m sure the experience of staying in hostels is nothing like home stays. I have actually started to prepare for this trip. I changed the clock on my phone to military time (24 hour) and I plan to change my sleeping schedule during tour week. Overall, I’m super excited to travel with the class and learn some of the history behind England, Scotland, and Wales.


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