Going to Britain!

I am a Social Work senior, Amanda, and I am taking the Castles and Cathedrals course for a number of reasons.When I saw this course was going to England, Scotland, and Wales, I practically jumped at the chance to go because ever since my late junior high/early high school days, I have been extremely interested in learning about England’s royal history surrounding the Tudor era. I am also into history, and I enjoy learning and reading about different aspects of the Dark Ages. Traveling was an aspect of my decision as well. I spent a semester in Australia the fall of my junior year, and I grew a fondness of seeing new places and experiencing new things. Finally, a minimal part of me chose to take this course because I want to end my senior year with a very positive experience that I am going to remember for a very long time after everything I have gone through in the last four years.

As for the takeaway, I hope to be able to see and witness places and a culture I have always read about and wanted to visit. I also hope to have my mind expanded by the differences in cultures and be able to have my mind opened by another country’s way of life.


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