Westminster Cathedral

The Westminster Cathedral has been one of my all time favorite cathedrals to learn about. I truly adore the architecture and art within this cathedral because it really brings out the history of it. Westminster Cathedral is a building that you cannot miss, it literally located in the center of London. It’s known as a masterpiece in a brick pattern formation that stands out from other cathedrals. The architecture was completed by John Francis who knew a lot about the Victorian style that was really popular when the reconstruction of the cathedral was being taken place. When we take our adventure to London, we’ll be able to see the exterior of the building is built with red brick and Portland stone. Including one hundred different types of marble from all around the world is within the interior of the cathedral. The architecture was not completed by one person, since they did not have the advanced tools that we have right now. It took many years to get through all the different construction stages. What I also find amazing in about this cathedral is that they have chapel inside called the Blessed Sacrament which is located on the North and the Lady Chapel located on the South. The mosaics of the cathedral were installed during the years of 1912-1916, during the time of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The colors of the mosaics go with certain themes within the cathedral. An example of this would be the Blessed Chapel was decorated in pale pink in order to have a sense of light and space go with the chapel. I heard it is truly beautiful and I honestly cannot wait to take a tour of this peaceful cathedral. One other thing that I really liked about the mosaics was that they chose various Eucharist themes such as the sacrifice of Abel and many other great themes within the Bible to have as their mosaics.


I have attached a link for anyone who wants to look more into this cathedral.



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