Henry III

As assigned to me I further looked into the dynamic king of England known as Henry III, or as Henry of Winchester. Henry III was king of England, lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine from about 1216 until his death in 1272.Henry III was given the throne at the young age of nine. Henry fought in the religious war of the First Barons’ War. His forces, led by William Marshal, defeated the uprising in 1217. Although the battle was won many of the rebels were ignoring the laws set forth by King Henry III. This caused lots of tension with the loyalist of King Henry III causing them to maintain independent control of their castles. In 1230 King Henry tried to reconquer the provinces of France that his father before him had once ruled. His efforts showed no accomplishment as two years later King Henry was forced to sign a treaty. The final results of the endeavor left the kingdom in a very unhealthy state. King Henry III was well known for investing much into his kingdoms castles and palaces rather than traveling like many of his previous kings. King Henry married Eleanor of Provence and together they had five children that he threw many religious parties for. King Henry was not fond of the Jews and because of this he made many laws that crippled the Jews ability to trade and survive in England. Jews were considered property of the crown and were generally used as cheap labor and people that could easily be taxed. This along with many wars brought on by his arrogant need to rule all the surrounding lands caused him to become a very unfavorable king and hated by many of the kingdoms people. Many of the people claimed that Henry III was merely disregarding their constitution that is stated in the 1225 chapters. This caused a civil war to break out and gave France the perfect opportunity to seize the land of Britain while they were to distracted with their own problems. Even with Henry’s III problems he still was able to strengthen his bond with the surrounding lands like Wales. King Henry III made many military campaigns to Wales to ensure their conquering. Eventually the Treaty of Woodstock was signed granting King Henry as the ruler. After the many internal wars Henry III was forced to reside to Paris where he signed a piece treaty with King Louis. King Henry III didn’t return to England until 1260 where he continued his royal rule where he left off. After many baron wars Henry III was finally ready to start the rebuilding period around 1266. As Henry’s last years seemed to be coming closer and closer Henry focused more on bring peace to his kingdom rather then war. Around 1272 Henry became very ill and commanded that his first born Edward return to the kingdom in fear of a revolt occurring. Luckily Henry gained his strength back enough to control his land until 1274 when he died with his wife Elenor by his side.


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