Official Post 3 Meet the Monarchs: Richard II


Richard II lived from 1367-1400; he was the king of England from 1377-1399.  Richard II became king at 10 years old.  Think about what we were doing at 10 years old…interestingly enough, Richard II became second in line to the throne at three years old when his brother, Edward of Angoleme died.  Richard II was the grandson of King Edward III and the son of Edward, who was known as the Black Prince. After further research, I learned that Richard’s father, Edward was known as the Black Prince, but there is no evidence to why.  It is assumed that he is named after either his black shield or he had a brutal reputation, especially towards the French.

The life of Richard II was definitely interesting.  While he did accomplish many things, I am beyond impressed that the Richard II was only ten years old when he came to power.  I cannot begin to imagine what Richard II was feeling; from what we have learned so far in class, it has been made very clear that children were not well respected, so inheriting the crown at such a young age just blows my mind.

When Richard first became king, the government was run by a set of councils.  I can see why, as a ten-year old child, Richard II probably was not sure how to do certain math problems, let alone run a country.  The first event that Richard II experienced was the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381.  The Peasant’s Revolt was caused by socioeconomic and political issues that were a direct result of the Black Death.  Richard II did the best he could to put an end to the revolt and was successful, from the research I found, there is not clear evidence of what Richard II actually did to end the Peasant’s Revolt, but they are clear that he had a big say in the negotiations
Richard II was married shortly after the Peasant’s Revolt to Anne of Bohemia, who happened to be the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor.  The two were married for diplomatic reasons and this made a lot of the country mad because the marriage was a symbol of alliance between England and the Czech Lands against France.  The couple did not have any children and Anne died from the plague in 1394.  It was rumored that Richard II and Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford had a relationship.  Richard II married Isabella of Valois (France) in 1396.

Richard II had a period of tyranny, known as Richard’s Tyranny.  In 1397, executed and exiled countless appellants.  Although it cannot be proven historians are convinced that Richard II had a personality disorder.  When John Guant was exiled by Richard II, his son was disinherited.  Henry of Bolinbroke was out for revenge.  He wanted to take back his royal title.  He overthrew Richard II and announced himself as Henry IV.  Richard died shortly after while in captivity at the age of thirty–three years old.  It is not known how Richard II died for sure, but it is assumed that he starved to death.


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