First Post

Hi I am Alex. I am a first year at Wartburg College. I am a history major which is part of the reason why I am taking this class. I am really excited about going on this trip to Great Britain to study the Castles and Cathedrals of England, Scotland, and Wales. I absolutely love castles and find almost everything about them fascinating from the way the outer walls were built to how they engineered their plumbing systems or lack of one in some cases. The castle is an iconic symbol of the medieval age and it is because of this that I wanted to take this class. Plus, going to England has been a dream of mine since grade school. I hope to learn more about the culture of the past peoples who inhabited those castles and how they were built. I have always been an enthusiast on siege warfare and especially the siege devices used at the time period of the castle construction and use. I hope to learn how to recognize different era castles simply by their look. I also hope to see how the architecture of the cathedrals and castles compare since they were built at the same time period roughly. I hope to have a lot of fun on this adventure to Great Britain and to learn about castles and cathedrals to my heart’s content.


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