King Edward I : Restoring Authority

King Edward I of England was born to the name Edward Longshanks. He also was given the name The Hammer of the Scots. He was born and 1239 was the king of England from 1272 to 1307. King Edward spent a lot of his supremacy working on law, more specifically common law, property law, and criminal law. King Edward had a large presence in the military and was responsible for many battles in which England was successful. King Edward left England in the early 1270s for the eight crusade a few years later his father died and he returned to England to enforce his supremacy. When King Edward returned he focused on invading Wales, and in 1277 he succeeded. After doing this he built a string of castles to show his authority. When the people of Wales started to rebel he invaded yet again and extinguished the uprising. After overcoming the rebellion of the Welsh people Edward appointed his son as prince of the newly gained lands, this remains a tradition to this day. Although King Edward was tremendously successful in war, he also accomplished many things back home. Most notably, he was responsible for reforms in law. King Edward saw it fit to reform current systems in law and made great leaps in declaring the rights of the crown and promoting justice. As I stated earlier, King Edward was largely responsible for success in reforming common law, property law, and criminal law. Later in Edward’s life, closer to the beginning of the 1300s, he was involved in an arbitration in Scotland. King Edward’s decisions forced the Scots to rebel and join forces with France. King Edward then invaded Scotland, and was successful. When a nobleman of Scotland tried to rebel again in 1306, King Edward went to war again. He did not make it, for he died on his way to fight in 1307. King Edward is remembered as one the greatest monarch England has ever had. He reformed many government policies such as law and foreign policy. He was responsible for many wars and was successful in claiming new lands for England. King Edward was also remembered for bringing the crown and the community together. He reformed policies that brought the community closer to the crown and he developed the strength that his father before him could not muster. Edward brought strength and power back to the crown and the people of England respected him and the enemies of the crown feared him. Although he may have come across as aggressive to the people he brought the community back together and gave the crown the backbone that it so desperately needed. By focusing on restoring power, creating new legislature, and reforming government policies he made England a powerhouse and will go down as one of the greatest kings of England. By reforming property law, common law, and property law he gave the power back to the people and for that he started to rebuild a country that was in desperate need of authority.


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