Blog Post # 3 Henry V

Henry V was born in Monmouth, in August of 1387. Other have also say 1386 but we do not know for sure as his bath was not recorded. Henry was taken in by another family member Richard II following his father’s exile in 1398. During his time with Richard II would accompanied him to Ireland. In 1399 Henry would gain the title as the Prince of Wales at the coronation of his father. Once Henry gained this title he became extremely involved in politics and government. Furthermore, it was during this that he displayed his military abilities during the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 against the Percies. He would then spend the next five years fighting against Owen Glendower’s rebellions in Wales until 1408. It is important to note that Henry often came into conflicts with his father on how the run the country. During 1410-1411, Henry was in charge of the country due to his father falling ill, it was during this time that he implemented many of his own policies. He was discharged from the council in 1411 after his father recovered and as a result of the policies he implemented. He succeed his father as the new king in 1413. Following his ascension to the throne Henry had three problems at home that he needed to address. The first one being that restoration of domestic peace. The second being the recovery of English prestige in Europe. Lastly, he had to deal with the healing of schism in the Church. Henry addressed these problems by building a wider policy centered around these three issues. He also secured his position as king by giving back estates and titles to those who had suffered under those who ruled before him. He also ruled with idea that the past is forgotten and forgiven. Lastly, he used his power to keep the Lollard content which then allowed him to secure his position as king and to focus on the foreign affairs. Another key thing to note about Henry is that he also held other titles such as Duke of Lancaster, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Aquitaine, and Earl of Chester. After consolidating his power at home Henry would then shift his attention to France. France would be the focus of many of his military campaigns during his reign. His first battle with the French would be the battle of 1415 in which Henry won a battle against the French army on the plains near the village of Agincourt. He also sent his brother with a small fleet to face the French and Genoese  fleet that occupied the harbor of the English-garrisoned Harfleur. His brother would prove victorious, this victory also gave Henry command of the sea. His last campaign was against France resumed in 1417 and it was in this battle that Henry would conquer Normandy as well as be recognized as heir and regent of France following the Treaty of Troyes. He also married Catherine of Valois, the French King’s daughter as part of the Treaty. She would bear him one child, Henry the VI. Henry’s last campaign would against the French would take in place in 1421, he died in 1422 from dysentery. He is buried in Winchester Abby alongside his Friend Richard Courtenay.




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