Official Post 6 Almost There!

We are almost there! T minus nine days! I am beyond excited to be traveling to England, Scotland and Wales.  I am most excited to see the scenery and to truly immerse myself in a new culture!  I am so thrilled to see things that are so historic and detailed and connect the dots from what we have been learning in class.  As I said before, I have gone to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for my freshmen and junior May Terms, but this will be a totally different experience!  I also have never taken a history class at Wartburg College, so I’m really excited for this to be my one and only history class!  I’m super curious to see what the hostels in England, Scotland and Wales are like compared to Nicaragua, I know they will be different, but I am excited to see how they are similar.  I also have my packing done, and have bought a few extra things to take with me as well.  I am bringing a backpack in addition to my suitcase and I will be bringing a waterproof camera, so if you want certain pictures taken and it’s raining, just let me know, this camera has been in the waterfalls of Costa Rica and the waves in Nicaragua!  I have wanted to go to England for so long, and I was unable to study abroad for a whole semester, so going to England, Scotland and Wales for a month is the perfect way to end my career at Wartburg College!


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