It’s Time!

Well, the final post of the semester has come. It’s exciting! It means that this trip is finally coming. It’s no longer a dream that will happen sometime in a future that will never get here. I’m supposed to write about what I am most excited for, but I honestly can’t decide. I’ve been so excited about this trip for so long that it is difficult to pick one specific thing. Generally, I am excited to be going to Scotland because I have always wanted to go there. I am excited to see castles for real. I have seen cathedrals in other countries, but never real castles. It will be interesting to see the places I have only seen on television. Will they live up to the expectations I have about their size and grandeur?

As for preparations, I have everything I need for this trip already. I asked for hiking pants for Christmas so I could have appropriate gear for the weather. Sure, I spent some extra money on actual weather-proof clothing, but I figured that the extra cost up front would be worth it if I wasn’t miserable in the rain the entire time. My preparations have now turned to mental instead of physical. I want to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind for this trip: willing to try new foods, talk to different types of people, and learn about a new culture.

I guess I am excited about everything. I’m excited to spend more time with my classmates and get to know them better on this trip, as well as learn about the actual historical sites we will be visiting.



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