Get Me to Europe Already OP#6

One week from today we will officially be in Europe…Scotland to be exact. Between studying for finals and the MCAT I take this Saturday, I feel like I have hardly had anytime to think about this trip at all. This trip will be a much needed break from reality and a chance to really just get out there and enjoy what this world has to offer as opposed to sitting down and studying all day. I am most excited to get out and explore the countryside because I really enjoy the outdoors. After looking at so many pictures of the types of things we will be doing, I am excited to actually get a chance to experience and see it for myself as I can’t imagine that pictures do most of that stuff justice. This past spring break I went on Bourbon Trail in Kentucky with my dad and started to expand my palate a bit, so I’m really looking forward to trying some Scotch and seeing how they make whiskey there as compared to the U.S. I also have always had an affinity for trying new food, and while Britain might not have too terribly exotic food, I am confident that I’ll be able to find plenty of new things to try. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to stay after the trip with Jake and travel to France and Italy. I think this will be an awesome experience because we will be all on our own in Europe, just finding our own way. My older brother has done something like that a couple of times now and loved it and I am looking forward to kind of “winging it.”


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