Noah Official post 6

It is almost time to go. I think anyone who has been to college knows the feeling of the stress towards the end of a semester. It becomes hard to think about anything besides what needs to get done. Papers, exams, and all sorts of paper work for various things need to be done before such and such a deadline. These sorts of obligations can get in the way from real thought. Task completion takes away from the ability to analyze, consider, and dream.

Throughout this semester, we have learned bits and pieces of what our May will look like. Everything from exploring the ancient steps of forgotten castles to worship in some of the oldest churches in the world. Looking forward, I am incredibly excited to be able to dive in and be present in my learning again. I cannot imagine what it will feel like to be learning about what it looked like to be a Lord in a medieval castle, but soon I won’t have to imagine very much. We will be able to see and feel the world about which we’re learning and I hope that change of pace, from doing everything at once to being present in the moment, will be everything I expect. I can’t wait to see the things I had only been able to view through pictures before and really be able to enjoy my learning again.

There are only a few days left until we go, and I know so many great things are going to happen. I just hope that we will all be able to let some of the stress of deadlines go and really experience another world.


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