POST 6… Peace out Iowa

I have been taking finals all week and cannot help but be excited and nervous for this trip. I haven spent the last 4-6 making lists and packing for the trip and have racked up quite the wish list on Amazon… thank God I am a prime member. I am very excited to leave because I love traveling, especially through airports. I think I am most excited to leave because I get to watch free movies for nine hours… who can complain? I am looking forward to seeing new places and trying new things like whisky, ales, wines, and more whisky. I think what I am going to miss the most is family. I know my twin is having a hard time with me leaving for such a long time, and my mom and dad are already counting the days until my return. My biggest concern is going to be passing the time when we do not have anything scheduled. I know this doesn’t sound like anything too extreme but it is always nice to have a schedule. My favorite place will be Scotland (as of now). I enjoy colder weather and I like Scottish heritage. I am excited to ride trains all over the UK. I have never been on a train and the idea sounds interesting to me… I hope it’s something like Harry Potter. I also am very excited to stay afterwards. Carter and I have planned to see Paris, Versailles, Geneva, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Sienna, and Rome. I think that being to six countries in six weeks will be a blast!


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