To Britain

It is almost time for the trip to Great Britain. I am really excited and cannot wait to go. I am looking forward to experiencing the British enthusiasm for football and hopefully to go and see a game, although the season is ending for them. It may be too much to hope for, but I would love to see a game. I am a really big soccer fan in the United States and I am looking forward to seeing the dramatic difference between how Americans talk about soccer and the British talk about football (not American). I have been keeping track of how the English Premier league is going, and the club that I like is most likely going to be relegated which is horrible. Relegation for those that do not know is when a team in a division finishes in the bottom 3 and they are sent down to the league under it and the top 3 are sent up although there are different rules for some divisions, but this generally remains true through the various divisions. I am also looking forward to just seeing the sites especially the castles because I have never actually seen one in person before. The preparation class has taught me about how the castles are built and how they are designed for defense. I have read books about castles since I was young enough to read and had a glorified picture of how it was to live in one. I want to learn about the realities and try to understand the people that lived in the castle on their own terms. In the famous words of Dr. Walther “I want to do history.”


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