Abroad Round 2

I am so excited to go back to Europe! When I fist went to Europe I was unable to enjoy many of the great things they had there, such as beer, whiskey, and honestly many of the foods we ate weren’t the traditional food from the culture. I really hope that this time I am able to enjoy many of these things and indulge fully in the culture. I have never been to a castle so I am super excited to actually see one in person. I have some pretty high expectations for the castles as far as the architecture we learned from our class. I really hope that this trip we don’t spend as much time in cathedrals as we did in my last one. I know this class is called castles and cathedrals, but the last one I went on was purely cathedrals and after a while became rather boring. I am really excited to see the differences in livestock situations in England. I am really familiar with the situation in Iowa so it will be fun to see the differences. I have never stayed in a hostel so it will be interesting to see how it is living in them. I have heard it is much like living in a dorm room so I’m sure I’ll be used to it. Finally, I am most excited to be in London. I have heard so many good things about London and I can’t wait to see the city in person. 


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