Official Post 1: My trip so far 

So this is my first trip to Europe and so far is going great. To be honest, I expected a little more from the trip. This doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying it at all, it’s just very different from what I thought. I’ve seen pictures on the internet of some of the places we have been to and seeing them in person is a real shock. Some of the places we have been to were really cool to see in person. I think so far my favorite place is a tie between the city of Oban and island of Iona. Each place has unique qualities that make it the place that it is. I can say for sure that my least favorite place so far has been Edinburgh. Although the capitol city of Scotland has a lot of cool history within it, it was too crowded and busy for my liking. Iona on the other hand was not busy at all and had a lot of room to roam. One of the laws in Scotland is the right to roam, meaning there are no trespassing laws. I honestly think it is an amazing law. People still respect each other’s property but are able to walk where they please. In Iona there are plenty of places to walk such as the beach (featured picture), a really tall hill that some of us conquered, and into town where there are shops, a café, a nunnery, and an Abbey. In Oban, there are many more places to see. Oban is crowded but it isn’t as busy as Edinburgh. There are a lot of shops to visit, a castle by the ocean, Olive Garden down by the docks, a ferry station, a place where you can buy seafood next to the docks (all the food was fresh), and a tower on a hill which we had to basically hike to get up to. The historic sites we have been to have been pretty cool. My favorite historical site we have been to so far would be Holyrood Palace. Knowing that you have walked the same hallways as a queen is amazing. We got to see a lot of cool things as well as have coffee in the café. We got to see the royal gallery which contained a lot of paintings and books on insects. The fire alarm went off while we were there and scared some of us but the whole experience was a good one. I’m not gonna lie and say that I haven’t been a little homesick. Being this far away from home is sort of hard, especially when I haven’t been away from home this long before. I’m really enjoying this trip and everything I’ve learned and I can’t wait to get home and tell everyone all about it. I’ve taken a lot of pictures so far so it will take a little while to get through those but I’m glad I’ll have a lot of memories from the trip. 


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