Official Post 3: The Gems of Wales

On Sunday, May 14, we went to Caerphilly castle in Cardiff and it was amazing to say the least! I can’t even put into words how big this castle was. It made every other castle we have seen look like a town house in comparison. This castle is 30 acres including the artificial lakes surrounding it. It was one of the most extravagant castles built in its time and was a key stronghold used in the Welsh revolt against the crown. The town of Cardiff fell, but the castle was never actually breached. This comes as no surprise because the castle is set up to be an impenetrable fortress. After the war there was no need to keep up with the maintenance of the castle and many of the walls began to collapse until the Bute family bought it in order to revive this treasure in 1770s. This family owned it and restored it through the 1940s and did many restorations including filling the lakes and further support the walls. As we walked through the castle the only thing that we couldn’t see was the murder holes, but more then likely this was from the reconstruction to help support the walls they needed to be covered. One of my favorite aspect is one that may surprise people , but I was really interested in the wall on the south east side that is leaning 10 degrees away from the castle. I am really surprised that this wall even has the integrity to hold its weight, and I will be shocked if I come back in twenty or thirty years and it happens to still be standing.
– [x] After the Caerphilly castle we went back to Downtown Cardiff to see the amazing Memorial Stadium. This stadium is now known as the Principality Stadium is we’re many of the national rugby games are played for Wales. On average they have about 12 rugby games played there which is a ton considering that the stadium has real grass that must be up kept and eventually killed at the end of the season. This seems like a lot of work, but if you see this stadium you will understand that it is worth it. The field is one of the best I have seen and this is because even though they use real grass they use light machines to give the grass the needed light and well Wales is wet enough generally they don’t need to water the field.  When we were here they were preparing  for a huge soccer game between the two club teams of Spain and Italy. This didn’t really mean anything to me because I don’t watch soccer at all , but everyone else made it seem like it was a superstar match up and our guide said that this will be they biggest even the stadium has ever hosted. I thought this was really cool because we went into the locker room and saw the warm ups for these teams. As far as the architecture it is a very narrow pitch in the stadium due to the location as there is another rugby stadium next door. This also caused the design to generally stay the same and the north wall had to stay where it was or it would have knocked down the other stadium with it.


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