Wells Cathedral (Official Post 3)

Today was an overall easy but great day. We started our adventure off by taking a bus to Wells. Amanda gave a great tour of the Wells Cathedral. I personally really enjoyed this cathedral the most, especially when spending more time within the Chapter House and admiring the uniquely different clock that went off every 15 minutes.

The Chapter House was built around 1250, but was not completed till the time of Dean John Godeley, which was around 1305-33. The stairs that lead up to the Chapter House are oddly curvy and are well-worn out from the many years of being used. The stairs are older among all the other stairs that are located in Britain. The stairs lead up into the octagonal Chamber and it was used by the Cathedral clergy to meet and discuss business decision that was related to the Cathedral and the people who attended services. As you walk into the Chamber, the first thing that really caught my eye was the windows and their delicate tracery that contains fragments from the original glass. This part of the cathedral is still used today on formal occasions. It’s a beautiful area to just sit and think for a moment to yourself.

I personally really liked the clock. The colored-details of the clock itself are amazing. The Wells Clock was installed around 1390 and is one of the oldest medieval clock faces in the world. On the top of the clock there are men riding horses and spinning around in circles. On the quarter of the hour, it is encouraged to pause and watch the jousting knights go around in tournament. This is not something I thought I would have seen on a clock located in a cathedral so it was very surprising at first.


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