BLOG # 1 Free Write

My first blog will focus on a multitude of different things that I have seen and done while in Scotland and York.
I want to start with discussing some of the things that I eat while I was in Scotland. The first being fish and chips and I must say I am in love with fish and chips because it filling, cheap and delicious. Furthermore, the fish and chips in Oban was the best that I have had thus far. Another food that I tried was in Haggis with banger and mash. I tried this while in Edinburgh and I must say that I also in love with haggis now. The gravy that topped off the haggis also added to the flavor and it tastes amazing. In addition to haggis and fish and chips, I also had lamb while on the Iona and I must say it was the best I have ever had. The lamb was soft, chewy, and delicious. Some other foods that I have had include some amazing deserts. One being the fudge lava cake that I had while on Iona. The lava cake was amazing because the cream was cold while the chocolate and cake was warm so it melted in your mouth. Overall, this has been my favorite desert that I have tried thus far and the other foods that I have discussed above were some of my favorite dishes.
The locations we have been to thus far is another aspect that I want to focus on in this first free write. I enjoyed Oban for a couple of reasons, the first being the location and view. I loved that Oban is situated on the coast, it reminded me of home a bit as I used to live by the coast back home. Furthermore, the view of the sunset from the roads and pier was both amazing and beautiful. I also enjoyed the boat ride from Oban to the isle of Mull because I could see some of the surrounding islands. Moreover, Iona was relaxing and spacious while I appreciated. I also found it interesting that the beaches of Iona are one of the places that the Vikings may have landed and raided during the Viking age. Edinburgh was fun and different as it reminded me a lot of New York due to the crowdedness and location of everything that you may need. I loved the fact that you could walk a short distance find everything that I would need as this made it easy to travel around and explore during my free time.
Lastly, I want to spend some time discussing some of the things that I have done thus far during my time in the UK. On Iona, I climbed the dun mountain and with two other people and the view of the surrounding landscape and isles was breath taking. The climb was also great as I got some amazing photos of the landscape and interact with some very shy sheep’s. I also visited the beach while on the isle and I was able to see the sun as it was setting. The sunset mixed with the peacefulness of the ocean was calming and relaxing. Another thing that I did while in Scotland was walk to the top of Craig Tower. The garden inside of the tower was beautiful and the view from the side of the tower overlooking the town was amazing. Lastly, I enjoyed my time in St Andrews. The cathedral and castle was fun to learn about and I was taken away by the sheer size of the cathedral took me by surprise. I enjoyed my time in St Andrews as the town was also fun and explore and see.
Overall, I am enjoying my time in the UK thus far and I hope that I only gets better. I am enjoying the food, the people, the castles and the culture.


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