Blog # 2 Jorvik and Barley Hall

I will be blogging today about Jorvik and Barley Hall. A cast majority of my time will be spent blogging about Jorvik as it was most interesting to me and I enjoyed the Vikings. Furthermore, my last semester class on Vikings history had peaked my interest before coming on this trip. I will be discussing Barley Hall as well but not to the extent that I will be discussing Jorvik. For both places, I will be sharing what I learned while exploring these spaces and what I found interesting.
When I walked into Jorvik I found the first room to be both inviting and interesting. The remake of the archeological site on which a great deal of information on the Vikings were found grabbed my attention and the size of the room and all the information available felt as though it was inviting me to come in learn more about the Vikings and their lives. The ride also helped a great deal in providing a great visual aid of the of how the daily Viking lived while providing important information on who they were as a group of people.
While in the museum I learned a great deal about the town of Jorvik and the Vikings. Some things that I learned was that Jorvik had people who came from all over to trade, visit and settle. The people who resided in Jorvik had different religions, spoke different languages and appearance. One evidence of this resides in the museum as there was the skeleton of a man who may have had mixed of African ancestry. Furthermore, I learned that remains found during the excavation of Jorvik provided great insight into the diet and daily lives of the Vikings who lived there. For example, I learned that early on the people in Jorvik ate a lot of fish from their local river but as time went on they had contaminated their rivers fish were caught and brought in from further away.
While touring the museum I also learned a great deal about the daily lives of the Vikings people. I learned that textile making was very important to the Vikings. The women were generally responsible for all clothes made in the household and that there is evidence for both Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian weaving styles. Furthermore, I learned a bit about the Viking economy which I something that I did not learn much about in class. I learned that the Vikings used a bullion-based economy and that silver was cut and it value was based on thee weight. I also learned that because of this Jorvik became major place where minting took place for north of England. Lastly, I learned a bit about the diet of the Vikings and their cooking methods. The Viking consisted of fish, meat, butter, fruits, berries and cereal. Furthermore, the Vikings generally used wooden of bone for their utensils and small bowls. Finally, I learned that small rounded wooden cooking pots were common in Jorvik.
Barley Hall was very interesting and different. It was cool to learn about henry VIII in regards to his favorite pastime activity which was hunting and his many wives. Furthermore, seeing the clothing from shows such as The Tudors which is something that my mom watches was fun. Lastly, the size and luxuries within the major’s house did not surprise me. However, the fact that geese and peacocks were considered a delicacy and eaten only on special occasions was something that I did not know.
Overall, Jorvik was the highlight of my day as it fun and I had great time learning more about the Vikings. Lastly, Barley hall was different and unique and I enjoyed learning about Henry VIII.


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