Jane Austen (official post 1)

Traveling throughout England has reminded me of my great love for the author, Jane Austen. For those of you who don’t know Jane Austen, she is best known for her social commentary in novels including Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma. Seeing a lot of historic small country towns remind me of the settings that take place within these books. Honestly, I feel like I am in a completely different world when I view something from Jane Austen’s perspective.

Ever fascinated by the world of stories, Jane mostly began to write in bound notebooks. During her adolescence period, she stated to craft her own novels and became very successful at it. Jane spent much of her early adulthood helping run their family home, playing the piano, attending church, and socializing with neighbors. Within her busy days she continued to write, developing her style in more ambitious work, such as Sense and Sensibility.

In 1801, Jane moved to Bath with her parents. We were making ways to Stonehenge a couple days ago where we passed Jane’s house. Jane didn’t live in this house for long because when her father passed away, they were thrust into some financial straits which caused her family to bounce around from place to place. It was not until 1809 they Jane and her family were able to settle into a stable living situation at Jane’s brother Edward’s cottage in Chawton.

Jane started to fully publish her works when she was 30 years old. The three books that I listed above, which happen to be my favorite were the books that were published first. Not only did we get a chance to see where Jane lived for a short period, we also saw where Pride and Prejudice (the movie with Collin Firth) was filmed in Lacock Village. My heart probably jumped out of my chest at that moment. I was too excited just to see where Mr. Darcy fell in love with Elizabeth Bennnet.


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