Leaving the U.K. Noah official post

There was a little bit of culture shock when entering the United Kingdom. It is hard to describe what it was, but the absence of many little things I was used to threw me off. I counldn’t subconsciously walk anymore. I would end up on the wrong side of the sidewalk (they walk on the left often as they drive on the left). I was hearing accents that I was not used to. I was glad I was witha group, because I had no clue what I was doing. 

That being said, I quickly came to love the multiple regions we have visited. Scotland is beautiful, All the areas of England we visited were gorgeous and diverse, and Wales was wonderful. Each region had countless wonders to see and places to explore. I had amazing talks and saw countless things that pictures cannot even get close to capturing well. Over the weeks I was gone, I found the U.K. style of life became more natural. I could get into train stations without stress, order tea and understand what was going on, and even understand a really think English, Welsh, or Scottish accent. At first I thought I could never really live here for long, but the more I have adjusted I have found that many of the ways they do things here make sense. No one in the U.K. will go to bed tonight afraid for lack of health care. Whole cities, such as Edinburgh, are moving to car free to be more energy conscious, and many other facets of life here seem to be well thought out and considerate to the world. 

I learned to love the U.K., but I am glad to go home. As I was able to look past the coursory differences I was able to see ideas I am excited to bring back to the States. I hope to be able to understand how others feel when coming to the U.S. for the first time and be more hospitable. I hope that some of their common sense policies take hold, and that we all learn to appreciate tea as they do.  


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