OP #1 Travelling in London isn’t that bad 

We are closing up on our trip now and today is our first full day in London. Although this is not my first day in London on this trip. A few days ago, some of the guys and myself headed to London to explore. We really had no clue what we wanted to go see, but we’re more just looking to find our way around this massive city. Learning how to navigate the subway system was much easier than I thought it would be. The first place we ended up stumbling upon was Buckingham Palace. This palace is absolutely marvelous. It has massive, gold-plated gates and fancy statues all around it. Unfortunately we were unable to get a tour because the Queen was there, but the outside was still plenty for me to see. After that we made our way to Kensington to find all of the museums. We went in to the Science Museum and I definitely geeked out. They had a pretty large medical exhibit and it had a really cool section on prosthetics. I am a biology pre-med major and I have a particular interest in orthopaedics. Seeing this exhibit was pretty cool for me. I liked reading about the origins of some prosthetic legs and also about some early orthopaedic surgeries and the tools that were used. After the Science Museum we didn’t have time to check out another museum so we walked through Kensington Gardens. This was a large, lush park and it was beautiful (even in the rain). There were a lot of really cool statues hidden in the park and of course there was the Kensington Palace. That pretty much sums up our first time in London. I thought it was very beneficial to learn the ropes before we came here for real. We have our second free day tomorrow and we have decided to go to the London Zoo and Aquariums. Everything should go smoothly now that we have been on our own here before. 


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