Post 1: Great Britains Rivalry

As of today we have been here for almost four weeks and it has been quite the experience. I have learned so much about the rich history of Great Britain and I have found much of it to be much more interesting then I first inquired. I am fascinated in the hatred that many people out side of England have for the English. Even when going to the pub you will find that many of the locals in Scotland and Wales don’t like the English. Many of the ones that I have talked to have explained that it is a respect thing and they have never really had the respect they deserve from the English. The worst thing that you could do is call someone from Scotland English! They hate it and that goes the same for the welsh. I was under the understanding that both of these countries were over the mistakes that were made in the olden days, but as I have travelled through I have found that they are still kind salty. Also with everything going on politically in this country I think many of the people that hold a grudge for their ancestors are coming out of the woodwork. I am really glad that we got to meet the Scottish and Welsh before the English to get a real interaction from these people. Even with all the hatred I believe that no matter what these counties will always have each others back and I truly believe that they talk bad, but it is more of a rivalry rather then a pure hatred.


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