Post One Free Write

For my first blog I am going to talk about my initial experiences in the United Kingdom. When I first arrived in the United Kingdom I was very excited and eager to experience everything. This soon caught up to me when the fatigue of traveling finally set in. I was drained physically and mentally and was instantly missing home. You could say I was experiencing cultural shock on an acute level. Don’t worry this did not last long as I was soon engulfed into the traditions and ambiance of Scotland. The two things that I noticed first were the differences between small towns and bigger cities. Iona and Conwy were by far my least favorite and I think it was due to the fact that they were so small. There was not very many people, and they both lacked modern attributes of so many established cities. To me they were not very exciting and I accepted the fact that people will have different tastes and respected their opinions. On the other hand Edinburgh and Cardiff have been my favorite. This city streets are always packed and the nightlife never fails to impress. I really like how with heavy populated areas comes the chaos of the modern world and everyone is out doing something. I appreciate the fast pace of cities and all cities have a different pulse or heartbeat. It was interesting to see how Edinburgh and Cardiff lined up with Chicago, Des Moines, and New York City. Another thing that I could not help but experience was the differences in food. I really have a distaste for seafood and I experience that distaste my first night in Scotland. I tried the smoked salmon and crab and did not like it one bit! On the other hand I really enjoyed fish and chips I thought fish and French fries were the perfect combination especially when everything is made fresh. One of the things I disliked about the food was getting food poisoning in Conwy. One of the other things that I have noticed was that I enjoy seeing castles more than I like seeing cathedrals. I think cathedrals are more beautiful by far but the history of castles are more enjoyable to me. I really enjoyed the Welsh history and Edward I. And when. It came to Abbeys, Fountain’s Abbey was my favorite due to its fast beauty and wildlife. I have also noticed that culture is extremely different here than in the states. The driving was the first thing I noticed. It was terrifying at first but I am starting to get used to it now. I also noticed that there are little grocery stores and more minimarts that are called spars. The beer also tastes different, during our brewery tour we were told that the beer here uses different hops that America and that why there is a difference in tastes. Lastly, there is a difference in the way people dress. People here are more formal and more put together. That is one thing I could definitely get used to!


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