For my third blog I am going to write about Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric structure that dates back to over four thousand years ago. The sheer beauty of it is jaw dropping and the reasons behind building still remain a mystery. Although there have been many who have tried to speculate on why Stonehenge is there, there is still not a definitive answer. Even though there is not a definite answer there are many theories to why the marvel stands where it is today. Stonehenge is often celebrated for being aligned on the midsummer sunrise, for this reason it is often seen as a place of celebration and worship. This midsummer alignment happens on the longest day of the year and it often attracts many people. This celebration is also a mystery because the time and man power to construct something like this is overwhelming and to get it to align with the sun is impressive to say the least. Although Stonehenge is still standing the entire structure is not standing today. There are many stones on the southwest side that have fallen, broken, or have been replaced. Those that remain do not hold their regular rectangular shape. Stonehenge was started to be constructed in 3000 BC. This is when the inner and outer ditches were dug for Stonehenge to sit on. This way Stonehenge lined up with movements of the sun (being in a circular pattern). The stones were not the only thing that were interesting about this site. All around the site, you can see mounds that are very large. These mounds were burial mounds for the people of Stonehenge and the people before them. It is said the mounds were built where they were so they could be in direct sight of Stonehenge. These mounds can be dated back as early as 2300 BC and as late as 1600 BC. The best preserved part of Stonehenge is the entrance. This is where the stone circle stands most complete. These large stones that you see are called Saracen stones. It has been noted that there have been other stones and wooden posts removed over time that led to the belief of astronomical events occurring at Stonehenge. However, the heel stone and slaughter stone remain there today. The heel stone is one of the theories to why the circle was constructed there. It was told that the heel stone is in its natural place and the other stones were brought great distances to be made into a circle and stood up. The sheer gravity and logistic of this construction is unbelievable for the time and place. This still does not answer why Stonehenge was built and theories are all over the board. What we do know is that Stonehenge was not the first thing to be built there, five hundred years before Stonehenge was built Stonehenge Cursus remained there, the burrows were erected, and Robin Hood Ball was held there. It was a great celebration and feast. Although we will never truly know why Stonehenge was made, it is still astonishing that it stands today, and it is amazing to know that this could be possible so far before our time


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