Blog # 4 Reflection and Goodby to the UK

I want to start off by saying that for my final blog I enjoyed the UK as whole. I loved most of the castles and cathedral we attended and the Bodnant gardens were both beautiful and peaceful. I also loved the spa day that we had and my trip to the zoo and aquarium was educational and new. I saw a lot of animals in person that I have never seen before and the aquarium had a lot of information on fishes that I never knew existed.
I will miss going out with different people from our class to different pubs, drinking talking and overall having a good time. Furthermore, I will fish and chips. I loved the fish and chips they served in Oban and I hope that in the future I can come back to UK even more fish and chips.
One thing that I learned while traveling through Scotland and Wales was that both countries still have a strong resentment of the English as the people of these countries see the English as people who took their freedom away from them.
Overall, I am going miss the exploration, the castles, the hanging out and interacting with people from our group and the food. I hope that I can return in the future and explore more of the UK. However, I am looking forward to graduation and returning to Minnesota.


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