Final Blog 

Our trip is finally coming to an end. I have been all over the United Kingdom and I am nothing short of impressed. I have had days where home was all I was thinking about, and I have had days where I did not want to leave. Today, the day before our last day, is a day that I feel at peace with going home. As much as I have enjoyed my stay in the United Kingdom, there just is not quite a place like home. I have learned a lot in my time across the pond, I have tried new things, and have made many friends. There have been experiences that I have not enjoyed so thoroughly and other experiences that I will never forget. I have become a scotch whisky drinker, I have come to enjoy tea, and believe it or not I have become accustomed to people driving on the left side of the road. My favorite sites that I saw while here were Stonehenge and Fountain’s Abbey. I really enjoyed Stonehenge because the sheer mystery of it all. I liked looking at the massive circle and wondering how it all came to be. I think my favorite part was that there was no answer, it still remains a mystery to this day. It let my imagination run free, and I was able to analyze the past and appreciate the present. I really enjoyed Fountain’s Abbey because of the nature and wildlife. I got to sea massive gardens that were filled with flowers, neatly trimmed grass, and large ponds with fountains. I also got to go see the Royal Deer Park and was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon a herd of deer and I came within fifteen feet! I also really enjoyed seeing the Harry Pitter sites. As an avid Harry Potter fan I thought it was one of the coolest things to see where the actors stood and relate it to the movies. To be in the same spot as Harry Potter was a once in a life time experience for me. I think that I will miss traveling the most. I am someone who does noting sitting on trains or planes and I really enjoyed moving to one place from another because it always guaranteed that you would not get bored. Going from small rural towns to massive cities was a cool experience because I got to see the changes in culture from one place to another. Although there was food I did not enjoy I know I will miss fresh fish and chips the most. It was my first time eating fish and chips and I instantly enjoyed it! The experiences that I have had over here I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I have learned to not take the things in my culture for granted. There are things that I did not know I would miss and when I got here I did. I missed the ease of everyday life, grocery stores, and the ease of transportation. Another experience that I have taken away is that our culture is not very fashion forward. The people in the United Kingdom are very well dressed all of the time and I have come to appreciate that. I will take away many things from this trip but the thing that I will take away with the most gravity is the understanding that all people are different. Their ways of life, the things they eat, and the activities they do are all different AND THAT IS OKAY! I have learned to embrace everyone’s differences and appreciate them for who they are and not how they are different from me. At the end of the day we are all human. 


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