Official post 4: Reflection

This entire trip has been a blast. I leaned a lot and I was able to see a lot of sights that I had on my bucket list. I think my favorite sites were the nunnery at Iona and Salisbury Cathedral in England. I really liked Iona for the beauty of it. Salisbury Cathedral was one of the largest cathedrals we saw on our journey through Scotland, Wales, and England. I think I’ll miss the diversity in food and the small towns that we went to. I liked the large cities because they were interesting but they were too crowded for my liking, especially London. This course has changed my perspective on how much different the culture over here is. It also made me realize how much we have in the US and how we take them for granted. I got a lot of things out of this trip. I learned a lot about the Egyptians when we went to the British Museum along with a lot of other information from the National Gallery which contains artworks by many artists including Van Gough. I’m also going to miss the opportunities to visit museums. A lot of the museums here, England especially, are free. Most museums, if any, in the states are free. On our free days, I spent time traveling to different museums around the area to look at exhibits I was interested in and learned a lot from all of them. As great as this trip has been, I am ready to go home. I miss my family and friends (other than the ones I have made on this trip) as well as just the feel of being home. I’m really proud of myself in the face that I made it through a month of being in another country, thousands of miles away from home. This experience was a completely new adventure and I adored every moment of it. So to Scotland, Wales, and England: thank you for a fantastic learning experience and I’ll catch ya later. šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§


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