Last Impressions (Official Post #4)

This month has been wonderful. I have learned so much about the history of the world, and it has challenged me to think about my own culture and the history of my country. Everything in America is very new compared to the history we encountered in Britain this month. We think of American history as starting with colonization and going forwards until today. Civilizations in Britain have been leaving traces of their cultures since the BC era. I found it so cool to see the things that shaped human history. On my free day in London, I went to the Natural History museum where they had an exhibit on the evolution of human beings, all the way from prehistory until the modern humans we are today. The British Museum was another good example of this. I had only heard of the Rosetta Stone before going there, and then I got to see the real thing. So much history has happened in this part of the world that has influenced not only the United States but the rest of the world as well. It was almost surreal to be in the places where history I had only heard about was being made.

I am going to miss having something to look forward to next year. I have been waiting for this trip to happen for three years now, and it is coming to an end. My last year at college will be a little lackluster, I think. This trip has definitely been one of the highlights of my college experience, and I doubt any of my remaining accounting classes will be this much fun. I love castles, and I love cathedrals. To be able to see them in such great detail has been a truly wonderful thing. I’ve seen enough cathedrals to be able to compare one to another and finally tell the different styles of architecture apart (mostly).

I’ve learned more about myself on this trip as well. I dislike cities quite a bit, and they always make me uncomfortable. Over the course of this trip, I have had to navigate my way through strange cities-sometimes on my own. Every time, I have been able to find my way to where I was going without any trouble. I am still apprehensive in cities, but my fear of them has decreased after a month of being in large cities. I’ve learned that I have more resources at my disposal than I use on a daily basis, like common sense and the ability to keep mostly calm in stressful situations. I’d like to think this trip made me a better person as well as educate me about castles and cathedrals.



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