Official post 4:reflection

​As our trip is coming to an end and I look back on my various experiences It brings up mixed emotions about going home. For the most part I have throughly enjoyed my time in the United Kingdom, and wouldn’t mind just staying in Europe form the summer, but I am also pretty excited to go back and graduate. My favorite of the castles and cathedrals we visited would probably be the Fountains Abbey and Caernarfon Castle. The Fountians Abbey grounds were huge and had beautiful scenery and wildlife to go with great cathedral ruins. Caernarfon Castle was mostly intact and had some great views from the towers. Beyond castles and cathedras I really liked going to St.Andrews and seeing the Old Course. We were able to see two of the four remainign Magna Carta pieces along with a bunch of other great artifacts at the British library, British museum and Science museum. London also has some impressive art museums that I was able to visit such as the National gallery and Tate modern art museum. I was also able to stop be the Courtald Instititue of art where my sister will be starting grad school later this summer. To me it was interesting to observe the many cultural differences as well as some shared characteristics between what you might expect to be similar countries of the United Kingdom. There are even quite distinct differences within the same countries such as Edinburgh\Glasgow compared to the Scottish highlands of the mid sized cities of northern and central England compared to London to go along with the natural differences you would expect from rural areas and urban centers. Overall I would say it is a great experience and would recommend to any college student to try and do some sort of study abroad course while they are in college.


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