OP #4 Farewell UK and Hello Europe

Today is the final day of our trip and it is a little saddening. It has been a very enjoyable trip and I have made some new friends along the way. It’s not every day that you get to see the vast majority of the day seeing most of the U.K. in less than a month. If I had to pick which of the three countries was my favorite, I would without a doubt choose Scotland. The scenery up there was incredible and absolutely gorgeous. I would go back to both Wales and Scotland, but I’m not so sure about England. I enjoyed my time in England, but I think I may have had too high of expectations for it. If I had to redo this trip, I think I would have spent more time in Wales and Scotland. I felt like we just weren’t there long enough. Out of the three big cities we visited (Edinburgh, Cardiff, and London), I think Edinburgh was my favorite. It was such a cool city. It was old, but it didn’t feel old at all. Edinburgh also had a really cool city life that I really enjoyed. I may be a little sad about this trip being over, but my journey is only beginning. I leave for Paris first thing tomorrow and from there I will be heading to Italy. I cannot wait to see what the mainland has to offer. I would like to thank Wartburg for this incredible opportunity to see the U.K. 


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