Post 4: Memories for a Lifetime

Great Britain has been amazing! I don’t regret coming here at all, in fact I only regret that I can’t stay here any long. After taking our night class I had a pretty good understanding of medieval architecture, but it wasn’t until I experienced these amazing structures in person that I really got a feeling for just how grand they are. I mean the castles alone were enough to make your jaw drop, but with the beauty that the cathedrals added it was a worthwhile experience. My favorite part of this trip was honestly going around the cities and meeting as many people as I could. I felt this was the best way to get a real life look into the English, Welsh, and Scottish culture. It was also really easy to meet these people because generally I felt that they were abundantly inviting. There were plenty of times that we went to a pub and right as we walked in people would stop and talk about where they were from and asked us the same. Today is our last day here and I would say that we left on the best note possible. Today we went to the London Natural History Museum and it is literally the best museum I have ever seen in my life. They had everything and just when you thought it was over you’d move on to the next fascinating exhibit. They had my two favorite science thing in there, outer space and the amazing beast from 200 million years ago the dinosaurs. Well as I think back on my trip there is a few things I would change, but I will never forget the amazing memories I made. Thanks to everyone who helped make them either here in England or back home supporting me.


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