Final Days (Official Post 4)

I cannot believe that our trip has come to an end. I have to say that Scotland and England were my two absolutely favorite places we went to. The first stop in Scotland was Oban and I was truly surprise by how super nice the people were, especially on the day that we all were tired and had no luggage. Oban was such a cute town like city, I definitely picture myself moving there after I graduate. I loved talking to the community members of Oban. They are so kind and love telling stories about their Scottish history. Also, the seafood in Oban is amazing! When we had our seafood dinner, the fish was fresh and very flavorful.

The second place within Scotland I loved was Edinburgh. We went to the Stirling castle and that was a dream come true. I got a chance to see where Mary Queen of Scots bed chamber was and all of her precious possessions that she used thought out her reign. I am going to miss seeing a lot of the Scottish history in person because it’s better than reading the information from a book.

England will always be my favorite no matter what. I absolutely loved Bath. There turned out to be so much todo and to explore. I loved all the Jane Austen and Harry Potter stuff we saw because it made the books and movies we cherish so much better. I liked the people of England as well. They were all super nice and the food was amazing! Like in Scotland, the food was much richer and heavy compared to at home, which I loved!

Overall, I loved all the Abbeys and castles we went to. They were all uniquely different and that made the experience much better. The Fountains Abbey was obviously my favorite. The medieval structure and how big it is stood out to me the most. I could spend days at the Abbey because there is so much history about each one & how they operated when they were active. I loved every part of this trip and it was a great way to end my college career.


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