Official Post 4: Cheers! 

I can’t believe that this is our final night in London. It seems like just yesterday we were just exploring Oban. I enjoyed everything that we’ve seen, but I have a few highlights. The first was the Bodnant Gardens. The gardens had probably the least historical significance to the course, but it was a very refreshing experience. I really enjoyed walking around and experiencing such a beautiful space. My next favorite place was Lacock Abbey. I really liked this place because it is the first place of the negative photograph. As a photographer, it was really amazing to see the place where Henry Fox Talbot researched and developed photography. Along with this I was amazed by the British Library. I was able to see Fox Talbot’s notebook and actually read his notes on photography. Iona will always hold a special place in my heart. The island was so peaceful and relaxing, I cannot wait to go back. I also got to travel the world with one of my best friend before we graduate on Sunday, and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Along with these, I throughly enjoyed how the course was set up, I was able to see a plethora of castles and cathedrals without seeing anything that was exactly the same. This kept everyday new and exciting. I am going to miss the obvious things like seeing new structures everyday and the wonderful pub food. The thing I am going to miss most though is the people. I felt so welcomed wherever I went. Even though I was a tourist, no one ever made me feel like an outsider. Everyone was enthusiastic about their country and wanted to have us be apart of it. Because of these people I was able to ask for directions when learning how to navigate the public transportation system and just ask them questions in general. I think the biggest take away for me is remembering to take everything in and reminding myself that it’s alright to feel small, I felt small a lot—basically everything we saw made me feel small because of the history and sheer beauty I was being exposed to. Feeling small challenges you to learn and grow more, and that’s what I feel like happened on this trip, I challenged myself to learn, which made me grow. This was the bests way to end my four years at Wartburg, I wouldn’t change it for the world.   


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